Wolf Pest Control Greenville

Wolf Pest Control Greenville has joined the Massey family

Pest Control Service

Wolf Pest Control provides its customers state-of-the-art pest control service that is designed to bring you maximum, yet safe and environmentally responsible, results.

Ant Control

Ants are a real problem and Wolf Pest Control is the solution! We will tailor our service to eliminate the ant populations in and around your home.

Pest Control Service

Wolf Pest Control’s unique and state-of-the-art pest control service is guaranteed to bring you the maximum benefit in pest control. Read how our service delivers results you can count on.

Initial Service

On our first visit to your home, we will conduct what we call our Initial Service. This will remove any existing pests from the inside of your home. We accomplish this by using a full repellent product on the inside of your home that drives the pests outside.

We also treat the outside of your home with a full non-repellent product that pests will not be able detect. As a result of this Initial Service, you may see increased pest activity around your home.

This is because of the pests that have been forced out of your home, but you can rest assured that those pests will soon be gone for good.

Back-To-Back Service

One month after our Initial Service, we will return to your home for our Back-To-Back Service. At this point your house should be free of any pests, so we will come back to apply a protective barrier outside your home. This application will break the egg cycle, which will lead to the end of any persistent pests. After the Back-To-Back Service we will schedule our Regular Services in order to maintain the protective barrier.

Quarterly Services

We will come to your home quarterly to conduct our Regular Services. The products we use are environmentally friendly and therefore break down over 90 days. Because of this we come every quarter in order to keep that barrier active and your home pest-free.

Complimentary Re-treat Service

If for some reason pests show up in your home between Regular Services, we offer complimentary re-treat services. We will come to your home and re-treat the affected area(s) free of charge. If, after two re-treat Services, we are unable to satisfactorily solve the problem, we will refund your last full payment.

Each Visit Includes:

Ainspection by a certified technician. This inspection will uncover any existing pest activity and any potential areas of concern. We will use this information to develop a treatment method that is catered to the needs of your home. Power sprays of a liquid barrier around your home. These sprays will create a 3 ft. x 3 ft. barrier. We will also treat all eaves, overhangs, and access points. A water-activated product called Granulation that adds 15-20 ft. of additional protection around your home. A thorough de-webbing of the outside of your home will occur each time we visit. Spiders are constantly ballooning, or throwing up webs from surrounding trees or structures to your home. We will help you keep a handle on their persistent webs. Inside sprays only occur on the first treatment. Once we have driven all pests outside, we can keep them out by treating your home from the outside. If you do start seeing pests inside your home again after the Initial Spray, please call us immediately. We will make a special visit to treat the inside of your home again free of charge.